I, for one, welcome our new übergeek overlords!

Slashdot, my favorite L337 geek hangout, is discussing an interview with DugHof.  The discussion is actually pretty cool, the long mentions of “the singularity that is Kurzweil” notwithstanding.

Though Doug usually dismisses hacker culture, I don’t, and I think we should really welcome our new slashdot overlords.  Two basic reasons here, beyond the whole power to the people cliché:  first, some /. discussions are really worthwhile, and some participants really bring very insightful analysis in their comments–actually, a great way for learning about all things technical is, right after the obvious wikipedia lookup, by googling “site:slashdot.org whatever you’re after, dude” and catching up with the discussions.  And who knows?  Maybe one day this blog will even be slashdotted.  That would be nice for our pagerank and world domination plans–which bring me to the second reason.

Now the second reason is a serious one.  As progress in FARG architectures evolves, we will need more and more lookups in the most cutting edge stuff, such as GPGPU or reflection.  A general FARG framework is essentially an operating system, from the inside and from the outside.  From the inside it packs application and problem loaders, various types of memory management (external, working memory, semantic memory, episodic memory, etc), task allocation and scheduling, and parallel multiprocessing.  From the outside, it is also like an operating system, enabling new kinds and types of “FARG apps”.  This is, in fact, the coolest operating system to be working with, and I am astonished that companies like Microsoft or Sun or IBM just plainly do not know what this is all about.  We could have some serious long-term contributions to computer science, yet, sometimes, it feels that even with all geekdom love that Doug eventually gets, the word in FCCA and later works is yet to be spread.

Or, to put it in /. terms, I feel that FARG==new (PARC).  If you don’t agree, then; seriously, You must be new here.

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