This is sort of a silly note to talk about another kind of temperature — I have a fever due to this cold that’s been going around. So my body cranked up the temperature to kill it off. It’s interesting though — my mind races when I have a fever. Does anyone know why this is? It might as well be the FARG temperature that’s being raised, because the stream-of-thought voice in my head really goes crazy when I have a fever.

It’s not like my body is trying to do simulated annealing, but it’s amusing how it seems related (a product of the high temperature, no doubt). It also reminds me of this paper Alex and I wrote a while back on life flashing before your eyes — it’s weird how the speed and internal “volume” of thoughts is increased when the temperature goes up.

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One Comment on “Temperature”

  1. Michael Says:

    As the proteins in your brain denature, of course your thoughts will also be more fluid. Careful they don’t just get runny! (Tylenol is your friend.)

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